Finding delicious soups for weight loss is very effective to achieve your weight loss goals, because many people see weight loss as a tedious boring process, eat this and don’t eat that. So if you succeed to find a type of soaps that you like and the same time has low calories, then weight loss will be easy and not poring.

Today you can find many soups recipes for weight loss, there are many soups recipes that are delicious; you may like and have the unnecessary calories and fat. Soups can help you to lose weight be let you fill full, because soup liquid-based, and liquid tends to work in filling up your stomach and tricking you into thinking that you’re already full.

Soups for weight loss work in the same principle that works for the weight loss tip of drinking a lot of water. There are times when we think we’re hungry and we end up eating too much when in fact, we’re only thirsty. Drinking water before a meal works in the same way as eating soup before a meal – it satiates hunger and makes us eat less of the meal in front of us. Just because soup can help you lose weight doesn’t mean it has to taste bland. There are several soup diets for weight loss that have been formulated with taste in mind.

Soups diets for weight loss will only work if these diets are able to find the balance between low calories and appetizing taste. Naturally a full cream soup full of potatoes and seasoning will taste very delicious, but it’s not very effective in helping people with their goals. A diet soup recipe will substitute the full cream with skim milk, and use something like asparagus or celery as a substitute to potatoes, which are very high in carbohydrates. Of course it won’t taste the same, but this only illustrates a way to make a diet soup appetizing without making it full of calories. All it takes is a little creativity and a lot of research.

When you choose soups to add to your diet, concentrate on the soups that are rich in vegetables. You have to note that not all vegetables are the same either, and you have to avoid starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes as much as possible. You should also avoid soups that are cream-based, and instead concentrate on clear or even tomato-based soups. In making your soup you should also avoid putting too much seasoning, because while this adds to the taste, adding too much will be counterproductive to your diet. You’ll be surprised how filling soup can be, so try it out and see amazing weight loss results.

Here are two scenarios to explain soup recipes weight loss phenomenon:

Case Study – Meal 1: You drink a glass of water to ‘fill you up’ before you eat your meal. Meal: Pumpkin, sweet potato and corn with chicken that is grilled with onion, a sprinkle of vegetable stock powder, garlic and herbs.

Case Study – Meal 2: (using exactly the same ingredients in Case Study – Meal 1)) You make a soup with water, vegetable stock powder, pumpkin, sweet potato, corn, chicken, onion, garlic and herbs.

Case Study – Meal 1 The water will be absorbed separately and quickly so you will feel hungry again.

Case Study – Meal 2 The water is so finely blended with the other ingredients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc) that the stomach cannot recognize them individually and process them separately. The stomach is forced to slowly go to work processing the meal as a whole; not processing easily absorbed components first; like water. Good news: You feel fuller for longer, much longer!

The Tip – Exactly the same food prepared and eaten in a different way can make a BIG difference to you hunger and weight loss experience.

This a very simple way to curb hunger pangs and get the maximum nutritional benefits from the ingredients of your food.

Look at the types of vegetables, meats and carbohydrates you eat regularly. Is there an opportunity for you to modify them?

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  1. Marriane says:

    This diet is great!!! I am on my 7th day and have lost 16 pounds!!! Day 4 was my favorite day because I ate frozen yogurt and lost 2 pounds that day!! What a great way to start off a healthy lifestyle change!!

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