If you’re looking to transform your body, then protein is perhaps the most important macronutrient you could ever have on your side. It’s the macro with the highest thermic effect of feeding (i.e. you burn calories by eating it), it helps you regulate insulin by causing the release of insulin’s “balancing” hormone, glucagon, and it provides the vital building blocks to support maintenance of your calorie burning lean muscle as you lose those stubborn pounds.

BUT, it’s also typically the most expensive macronutrient, and THAT’S the problem we’re here to solve today with the below 5 DIRT CHEAP protein sources.

#1 – Eggs. A dozen eggs provides 72 grams of protein for about $1.69. At that rate you can even go organic and have an extremely inexpensive meal.

#2 – Greek Yogurt. At 21 grams/dollar, this one is another penny pincher protein source that’s slow digesting and versatile in its use.

#3 – Beans and Lentils. A can of beans or lentils packs about 45 grams of protein (and fiber!) for about a buck!

#4 – Cottage Cheese. 48 grams of protein ready to eat out of the container — not too bad!

#5 – Tuna. Perhaps the cheapest of all lean protein sources, a can of tuna yields approximately 42 grams of protein for just under $1.

Getting your daily protein requirements (I recommend eating protein with every meal and snack) doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive by any means; in fact, it can be DIRT CHEAP by getting a good portion of your daily protein from the above sources.

Speaking of inexpensive meals, at the link below we’re going to show you the #1 fat-burning meal of ALL-TIME, and how by eating this simple high-protein, inexpensive meal twice daily, you can shed fat faster AND easier than ever before.

Even better, you can prepare this simple fat-melting meal in less than 60 seconds.

No, it’s NOT too good to be true.

==> The #1 Fat-Burning Meal (Eat this 2xs a day)

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