In modern society, obesity rates are climbing, which has made weight loss products a major market. It is often a dubious enterprise to figure out which product is the best one, but this doesn’t have any bearing on how many companies still try to produce them. There are three categories for weight loss products: supplements, meal replacement products and accountability tools.

Companies have produced several kinds of medications and pills to try and stimulate weight loss. Over-the-counter products typically rely on dietary supplements and herbs, which have questionable efficiency despite several claims of using them to curb one’s appetite. Prescription medications have more reliable results, though they are a bit more modest in terms of weight loss. However, these have some side effects that prevent many people from being willing to take them.

Pre-packed meals with low calories and high nutrients are considered replacement meals. Most people have seen these in the form of bars and shakes. The idea is that someone takes this replacement instead of a regular meal and takes in fewer calories as a result. Most users will substitute a meal or two each day with this replacement and still enjoy one other meal with regular food. Those with great discipline can use this method of losing weight effectively, but it does require willpower and continuous access to these products.

Calorie counters and pedometers are accountability tools, allowing users to track and perhaps understand their own behavior. Calorie counters can be portable, web-based or handheld, allowing its users to enter foods they have eaten in order to learn exactly how much they eat in a day. These are useful alone or used with other products for weight loss.

Pedometers, on the other hand, are useful for those who enjoy incorporating jogging or walking as a part of exercise for weight loss. These measure how long the user has walked and how far they have gone while estimating how many calories they have burned as a result.

Some bathroom scales, though expensive, also can provide several bits of information that inform the user of his progress in his journey for weight loss. For example, the bathroom scales will provide an accurate reading of his current weight while estimating how much of the weight is actually body fat. Some higher tech models will use a memory feature that tracks how these numbers have changed with subsequent tests.

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