Hands up if you remember the golden days. The age when carbs weren’t considered the cardinal weight-loss sin and when, well, a fresh chicken salad sandwich was generally thought of as healthy.

Then, in 2003, The Atkins Diet came along and shattered all our hopes and dreams. The science was in, and carbs were out.

Desperate for both a bikini-bod and our carb-fix, we found ways to make carb-eating healthy, like smartly cooking our starches and eating low-GI.

But now, in another massive blow for our fave “C” word, not only will carbohydrates bloat you, but they could also give you cancer. Yep studies have found, white bread, bagels and rice increase the risk of lung cancer by a whopping 49%. Thanks a lot, science.

The theory is that high-GI diet trigger higher levels of blood glucose and insulin. Which, in turn, increases levels of a type of hormone called Insulin-Like Growth factor. Elevated levels of this hormone have been previously linked with a higher risk of lung cancer.

These results were found after researchers at the University of Texas Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston conducted a study on 4318 people. They carefully analyzed participant’s diets as well as other risk factors, like smoking and physical activity.

The results found that those who consumed a higher load of carbohydrates were 49% more likely to develop lung cancer than those who didn’t.

However, rather than directly linking the consumption of carbohydrates to cancer, the study links the consumption of high-glycemic foods to lung cancer (think refined, processed carbs).

So while lung cancer was previously directly connected to smoking, this new research shows that your diet can have a significant affect in lowering your risk of cancer too.

But before you start clearing out your pantry, keep in mind that studies linking carbs and cancer are still in their early stages, so try sticking to Lower-Gi foods couples will regular exercise to help lower your risk.

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