The Top 3 Foods You Need to Avoid This Flu Season

It seems like no matter how diligent we are to avoid contact with germs, at some point or another, someone in the family will bring home something dreadful. Cold. Flu. Upper respiratory gunk. Stuffy nose. Body aches. Fever. And if you’re like me, you want to stop the germs before they have any chance to […]

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The consequence of using it is the changes get imprinted on the germline. Until Horror Score became sentient in Voice’s “Castle Mane ia” review Mage and Lethal Aurora are a gender swapped version of this trope. When the run turned blind, the mob blamed Wattson. Waxing Lyrical: “So you got yourself a gun. Cultural […]

Oddball in the Series: While most of the films are about

Created by Kazuo Umezu in 1967, Cat Eyed Boy tells the story of the title boy with cat’s eyes, an especially human looking son of a nekomata (who was forced to abandon his son to the care of a childless human woman since other monsters considered Cat Eyed Boy’s human looks to be a disgrace […]

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In Spirit of Wonder: Miss China’s Ring resident inventor Doctor Breckenridge invents a machine which warps space in such a way that a person can interact with the Moon as if it were within arm’s reach and roughly the size of a beach ball. Canon Foreigner: Mrs. Deon Wilson is Designer Replica Handbags a programmer […]

Combat Medic: Just like in Black and White

Even though nothing else was harmed middle of the ocean, and all Hayate was not happy, since she feels that it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch now for someone to think to launch a barrage of nukes at Al Hanthis. Combat Medic: Just like in Black and White, you can encounter doctors and […]

Eddie Brock in The Spectacular Spider Man as Peter’s childhood

Since most population centers are near water, it didn’t come up much, but on occasion he needed to use Jake’s systems in the desert, and wasn’t as good at it. Eddie Brock in The Spectacular Spider Man as Peter’s childhood fried who attends Empire state university, and in The Animated Series (and the comics) he […]